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identité de marque et visuelle



To us, Graphic Design completes the identity of a brand or a product as a whole. We propose a consistent approach to maximise the visual impact.

Graphic charter :

Definition of the graphic universe ; colors, 
logos, patterns ...

Edition and packaging :

Brochure, business cards, posters, packaging
and other printed communication media.

3d and 2d imaging :

Creation of visual products from 3D files.

Ancre 1

Coyote System

Whilst collaborating with Coyote, in addition to the design of the boxes, we worked on the design of the first integrated color interfaces and on the mobile app. We cooperated with the IFSTARR research laboratory for the ergonomic analysis of the interfaces.

To ensure visual consistency, we created the graphic design of all the Packaging and User Guides of the range for in multiple languages.

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